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tv   Fox 5 News at 6  FOX  July 3, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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we start off at 6:00 with storms moving through our region. i'm will thomas. good to have you with us. some of the storm activity is believed to be severe, threatening the holiday weekend and possibly your safety. let's go right to gwen tolbart in the weather center. >> let's get right to it. take a look at true view. you can see the area shaded in yellow. we have a severe thunderstorm watch through until midnight tonight and a good indication of what is happening with the storms as they plow through, if you look at white lines on our
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map, those are lightning strikes within that storm as it currently started to move its way through. and it is heading through to the east. moving through at about 20 miles per hour. now let's go right to radar and we'll show you some of the specific areas that are affected because we have a few storms that are doppler indicated that have picked up. moving southeast at 20 miles per hour, as i mentioned. but welcome back the storms there are pockets of heavy rainfall and cloud-to-ground lightning and we have some areas under a severe thunderstorm warning right now. so let's go to the weather map and i'll show you those regions. rights now storm warning in affect for loudoun and countryside, sterling, darnstown, the airport and potomac and herndon under that particular area. and also for baltimore, montgomery and howard county, that also went into effect until 6:15. columbia and ellicott city are
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indicated there in the line of fire. so we'll watch this closely and stay on top of it for you. and i know people are doing thicks outside -- things outside but keepure eyes to the skies. >> thank you, gwen. few other places do july 4th like d.c. does. thousands will gather on the mall to celebrate the 4th capital style and as tisha thompson shows us, it's a tough party to get into. >> reporter: one day before the big show, robbie matthew and his wife grappled with a map to try to plan their 4th of july. >> we are trying to find out what we have to do and what time. >> reporter: the couple flew in from the caribbean to see the parade, the concert and the fireworks. >> a lot is happening. >> please take public transportation, if at all possible. >> reporter: superintendent john james said don't even
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think about driving. take metro. but be prepared to walk. because the smithsonian station will be closed. >> i'm going to avoid the mall like the plague. >> reporter: just the thought of it -- is enough to keep locals like jessie away. >> the crowd and metro is insane. there is like 4 million people trying to get back on the metro at same time. >> make a day of it. >> reporter: but others say they are going to stake out their spot early. >> we are going to sit probably in the grass around one of the monuments. >> reporter: if you are planning on a picnic, the park service is banning certain items. >> because of resource damage and safety concerns with large crowds, no grills, alcohol, glass bottles or personal fireworks are permitted on national park service property. >> reporter: there will be very limited access to the mall to see the fireworks.
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in fact there are only tenantances and under marked by -- there are only tents marked. >> we will make sure there is no alcoholic beverages that could harm you or others. >> hi -- i had no problem. i'm going to enjoy myself. so whatever you do, just do it and keep going. >> reporter: robbie is willing to put up with the people and patrols because he is finally going to see for himself how america throws a birthday bash. at the national mall, tisha thompson, fox 5 news. >> the fireworks start a little after 9:00 tomorrow night and run about 15 minutes. park police say you should try to get to the mall as early as possible because they do close the security gates before the fireworks start. you can get a map of that on our website at fire at a carolina county church has made this weekend
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services challenging. one firefighter was sent to the hospital after he was hurt fighting the flames. at the marvin chapel methodist church on woodville road in mt. airy. the flames were shooting through the roof. they believe a lightning strike struck it off. many say the church was small but mighty with services and a thrift shop. >> i'm hoping that we will rerve the community. and i'm sure we will. we don't give up easily. >> marvin chapel methodist church has a new pastor. the church members were supposed to meet him today. one person told us she believes people from other congregations will help them back up and running. four members of the prince george's county council are calling for the resignation of leslie johnson. last week she pleaded guilty to conspirey to commit evidence
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and witness tampering, admitting that her husband jack johnson called on her she followed his instructions to flush a $100,000 developer check down the toilet and hid more than $79,000 in cash in under undergarments. according to the washington post, four council members and rushern baker have called for johnson to leave. under maryland law she is required to step down when sentenced in october but not before then. the republican race for president just got a little bit bigger. a michigan congressman has officially declared he is in. his name is thaddeus mccotter and as peter ducey explains, he has a hard, conservative line. >> reporter: the congressman was not anybody's first choice for president in the latest fox news poll and he wasn't anybody's second choice either but all of that could change now that the 45-year-old from michigan is officially in the race. he made the announcement last night and he said this -- >> and so with the support of
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anybody else who will be beneath or beside the banner of the republican party, i look forward to working with you, that through the grace of god and through you, her free people, our free republic will again be a virtue os, prosperous -- >> reporter: while he's not legislating, sometimes he's shredding like he did at his big campaign pickoff. he's in a band called the second amendment. and his website's home page lists his five core principle pells -- principles. one is our liberty is in our god, our sovereighty is in our souls, not the soul, and security is from the strength
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and prosperity is from the private sector. truths are self-evident, not relative. he and his family are planning to move to the white house. american troops are celebrating the 4th in part of the world you might not have realized. these men and women are in cursic stan. they are stationed at a transit center. it's a military installation mostly run by the air force as a stop-over point for troops going to and from afghanistan. >> there is no defined date as to when the transit center will close. or if it ever closes. our opportunities here are to support the international efforts in afghanistan. and while president obama said some will draw down, there will still be forces in afghanistan. so for the foreseeable future, we are here with our partners supporting efforts in afghanistan. >> there is 1200 american troops at the transit center. with summer in full swing, it's hard to remember not
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everyone is celebrating and this is no ordinary food drive. we'll take you to see the good work being done by a group of people who haven't forgotten what happened in missouri more than one month ago. and a woman accused of killing her little girl and what finally made casey anthony cry in court is coming your way on the other side of the break. 
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closing arguments today in the murder trial against casey anthony, the florida mother accused of killing her 2-year- old daughter. and as she broke down in the courtroom, more accusations flew. jessica stone is in orlando with more. >> reporter: defense attorney jose baes used his closing arguments to launch an attack on what he calls its prosecution fantasy of forensics in the trial of case a anthony, accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter. >> this would raise the level of desperation to make up for their lack of evidence. >> reporter: baez accusing law enforcement of altering evidence and raising questions about the number of people who smelled human decomposition in casey's car. medical examiner never determined how caylee died. >> they want you to fill in the gaps with your anger and your emotion, that's what they want. >> reporter: earlier a stoic casey broke down as jeff ashton
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blasted the defense claim that caylee drowned in the family swimming pool, saying when casey had a choice between partying or parenting, she chose to hit the nightclub and caylee stood in her way. >> when casey wants to do what casey wants to do, casey finds a way. >> reporter: ashton describing how he said casey wrapped multiple layers of duct tape around her mouth and nose. >> that tape was placed there with one singular purpose. now we can only hope that the chloroform was used before the tape was applied, so that caylee went peacefully. >> hope -- they're hoping they're going to get a conviction now. they are hoping that you'll buy the chloroform? they're hoping? you're not supposed to hope. >> reporter: in all casey anthony faces seven charges ranging from lying to police
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all the way to first-degree murder. if convicted, she could face the dew point. gwen is coming back with your full forecast in just a bit. and people who play say it's addictive and even little ones love it. find out how the most popular game in the country might get you to buy a book as we continue here. 
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volunteers from a tennessee food bank traveled to joplin, missouri, to donate 100,000 pounds of food. the executive director of the food bank said when they heard about the devastation from the may 22nd tornado they knew they had to jump in and help. he said four years ago volunteers came to his rescue after a tornado hit his home. >> how could we have to be hit that way and miss my wife by about 6 feet and how could i not respond to the people in missouri when i received so much help four years ago. >> the joplin tornado was rated an ef 5, the most powerful tornado known. it was also the deadliest twister in u.s. history, in 60 years, killing 154 people. some of the images from that tornado, they still haunt me today. >> very, very sad.
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well in our area, we're talking about some changes and i know a lot of plans are on the hook depending on what you're about to tell folks. >> things are firing up and which we knew they would do during the course of today and tonight. we got a lull between this morning and this afternoon. but things are firing up. and we've had an extremely warm day. so daytime heating has really only, as i always used to say, added fuel to the fire in just how things are happening outside right now. so you can see the monument and see some clouds out there. but let me tell you, you really have to keepure -- keep you're eyes to the sky. and you need to watch, montgomery county, prince george's county and the storms are moving southeast at about 20 miles per hour. they have a lot of cloud-to- ground lightning in them and some winds. and we could see the winds picking up. they have the potential -- the potential of gusting up to
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about 60 miles per hour. and this is all doppler radar- indicated. and i know people are outside, as i mentioned, and this is the area we are talking about. and we also have in effect severe thunderstorm watch for the entire area until midnight. now let's go to true view and we'll show you what i mean because this is all lightning strikes that are indicated on radar in the storms. so that's a pretty good example of just how strong they are. can you see this band moving its way right toward the district now and that's why they are under a severe storm warning. that is in effect until 7:00 tonight. so if your in the line of fire into prince george's county and arlington, this is the area that you'll have to be very, very aware of. but as i said, the entire area is under a watch until 7:00 tonight. let's take a look at radar. this is associated with a frontal system that will pass and stall out to the west of us. and look at this.
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this is all yet to come to the east. and we have to keep an eye to the skies because any of them could pop up and become severe at any point in time. so back to our weather maps then. and let's put everything in perspective in terms of what to expect. we have a big holiday weekend as we know into tomorrow. temperature today into the 90s. some 6-7 degrees above the average for the seasonal norm so it was a warm day and it's still warm now. look at d.c. at 92. 91 at fredericksberg. 77 at martinsberg. 89 in baltimore. and 84 in annapolis. so as the front pushes through into the course of tonight and tomorrow, we'll see it stall out. and as it stalls out, that's when we'll have the line of fire for tomorrow. so right now it looks like the storm for your independence day is along this line, so d.c. to the south is what we have to watch. fredericksberg and areas through there could see storms pop up tomorrow. right now things look pleasant north of there. so the district should be pretty okay in terms of being
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able to enjoy your holiday in terms of tomorrow. sunny and hot though. temperatures into the 90s tomorrow. be prepared for that. make sure you protect yourself from all of that heat. drink plenty of water. heading to the beaches, some mixed conditions. mainly storms in virginia beach, cape hatteras, temperatures into the 90s there. ocean city and rehoboth should see some storms. we'll have a dry day in cape may. but bethany also a chance of storms. some of these are 20-30% chance. so a severe thunderstorm watch for tonight, over. for your july 4th, mainly a chance of storms to the south. remember that. and here is your five-day forecast. it's a little unsettled from wednesday to friday. but at least tomorrow should be okay for the district. >> okay. >> we're going to keep our eye on it. >> thanks, gwen. the world best-selling online game is launching into the real world. angry birds are partnering with
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retail stores to offer players exclusive game features and as money reporter melanie alnwick explains, these little birds are big business. >> reporter: the mobile game angry birds is unquestionably a smash hit. >> how often do you play it? >> every day. pretty much day and night. >> reporter: 250 million down loads in less than two years. mayors on touchscreen -- players on touchscreen devices hold back birds and launch them to knock down birds that have stolen the eggs. and that is why the birds are angry. >> and you have to learn where to hit the projects to get at the pig so they'll die. >> reporter: now those that have them on a nook, or an e- readers, you can unlock the mighty eagle, a character that will exact revenge and get
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players to the next level. >> okay. that's pretty cool. i got to admit, that's pretty cool. >> reporter: it's no secret that the big brick and mortar bookstores are struggling. boarders is gone. barnes and noble has tied it's future to the e-reader revolution with the nook and is having some success. >> people who look at the nook just because it plays angry birds, it's sort of a big deal. >> reporter: but the sales of physical books in the cain's 705 stores continues to decline, linking up with a global sensation is a way to bring more traffic and potentially more customers into the store. >> now there are even more reasons to come into the store, more reasons to stop by and have a little fun while you're here. >> reporter: game creator roveyo is having movie tie-ins and merchandise and more. they say combining virtual and real world with its magic is a
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way to keep fans engaged. >> who wouldn't want to go to a magical place. >> reporter: and maybe some of the magic will rub off on the retailers. now the magic only lasts as long as the person is physically in the store. developer roveyo said not every place out there in the world will become magic. but there will be more locations that work with more devices to follow. melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. the nats find out who will be their representative in the all-star game and the team goes all-out against the pirates trying to get new manager davie johnson his first series win. lindsey murphy is stepping on to the set next to me with your sports coming up after the break.
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happy 4th of july weekend. i'm lindsey murphy. well setup relievers don't get a whole lot of love, but clipper is the lone selection for the all-star game. he has 57 strikeouts in 46 inning and holding his opponents to a .162 batting average. and he might be joined by mike morris. 8th inning last night and
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drilled in the forearm with a fastball. within minutes there was a welt and he to be replaced. he was not in the lineup because of the contusion, but he can still make the all-star team as part of the final vote in which fans determine the final all-star. go to to help his cause. today's game, jason mark looking for his first win. lyle overbay with a base hit and a surrender of three runs in the first frame. top of the 2nd, gary jones over the head of rick ankiel. pressley scores followed by darno. they give up four more runs and the pirates took an 8th-0 lead and marquee is pulled after 1 and a third. and mccutchen bidding for an extra base but defensive play of the game. it comes in a 10-2 loss to the
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pirates. afterwards markie on the shortest outing of the season. >> it's going to happen if you take the mound enough. like i said, i'm not happy about it. i put the team behind early and i put pressure on the bullpen. they did a great job. so like i said, i'll be ready the next time out. the orioles and braves, top of the 3rd, briton decides to lphis cause and belts one to rightfield. a pitcher going deep and the first career home run and the second o's pitcher to do it. and 5 for 7 at plate this year. and the orioles down by 1 and this is mark reynolds, all or nothing with this guy and he gets all of it. his third in two days, two run shot and the birds edge the
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braves 5-4. and congrats to o's catcher matt weighters who was named to the all-star game. and nadal 5-0 all time in grand slam matches against djokovic but nadal has a 20 match winning streak at wimbledon. after the return of the serve, a drop shot and reply was pretty. won the first two sets 6-4, 6-1 and he was on fire. but fadal is not the top seed for nothing. he would rally and win the third set 6-1. and now djokovic was on the ropes. but he weathers the storm, it is patch point and nadal would hit long and trigger a priceless reaction. he wins in four sets capturing his second grand slam this year, the third of his career. he will be ranked number one tomorrow for the very first
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time. and the mystics hosting the seattle storm but without score langhorne is dealing with back issues. but mattia hitting the baseline and she had 15 and the mystics get to within 7 in the final quarter. but the mystics fall by 10 and they are now 2-6. >> final 15 seconds to you, gwen. let's look at radar immediately because we have severe thunderstorm warnings right now for fauquier, warren, clark, loudoun, the district, city of alexandria, howard, and pg county. very bad storms and the national mall has been evacuated. >> more tonight at 10:00. we'll see you then. 
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